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70 years Ramsey ...


... time to scrap an old superstition! There are still some people who believe that the line pull is measured on even ground, with rolling vehicles. Some folks even talk about a swimming load!


No, that is not the correct definition of the line pull, and there is no vehicle being pulled uphill on sand, gravel or mud in a test.


The line pull of a winch is measured independent of the underground. It can be measured on a test bench, with a winch mounted and a dynamometer indicating the force of the winch. Indeed, the line pull is a force, not a weight.




Ramsey used a tower for testing. The force of the winch is determined by lifting heavy weight, big steel plates. The winch is tested to the stall point.


The admitted line pull of the winch is calculated to European Standard.

Components like motor, gearbox and wire rope must be twice as strong as the admitted top load! The load is limited by an overload device.


This is one of the requirements of the European Standard EN 14492-1 for the safety of the winch operator and all others involved. Only these winches have a right to the CE sign and use in the EU countries.


We still show the US Standard winches on our website - not because of nostalgia, but because our customers have these winches on their vehicles since years. We give help and information when spare parts or wear parts are needed, like brushes for electric motors, brakes and, above all, the right wire rope for your winch.


We give service for 70 year old winches, still!




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That is the future: Winches for Europe!


The new European Standard EN 14492-1 "Power Driven Winches" sets the scale for safe winch operation. Most products on the market do not meet the requirement of double safety! For the Ramsey Winch Company the new standard is the reason to design a European product line.


S+H winches to European Standard EN 14492-1


Ramsey winches to European Standard EN 14492-1







Comparison of new and old winch models







Special features of Ramsey winches to European Standard:


the new rope anchor


under load, the steel rope is pulled deeper into the drum



drum diameter : rope diameter 9:1


big drums mean less stress for the ropes, for longer life time and better spooling





rope with safety hook


Ramsey supplies winches to EN 14492-1 without ropes, S+H supplies ropes to European standard, with double safety




emergency-off switches


for electric winches and emergency-off valves for hydraulic winches cut off the winch drive immediately once they are hit




overload switches


for electric winches cut off the power when the rated load is exceeded; overload valves, which are installed with hydraulic winches, limit the hydraulic pressure




multilingual manual


in English, French, German and Spanish


multilingual PDF












the line pull of the winch is rated in kN:

1 kN (Kilo Newton) is equivalent to a weight of about 100 kgs



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Does my winch meet the European Standard?