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Hydraulic Ramsey Winches


for permanent operation without overheating


Hydraulic winches have a higher performance than electric winches. As a rule, the hydraulic system is powered by the vehicle motor and this way, more power is available than with the electric 12 V or 24 V motors.




The following winches do not meet the European Machinery Directive and Standard. They are designed for use in countries outside the European Union only.




Planetary Gear

The multiple gears found in planetary

gear winches translate to greater

pulling speed.


rated line pull kN (kgs) 
Ramsey RPH  35 - 225 5400 - 22700 
Ramsey HD-P  35 - 44 3600 - 4400 


Worm Gear

Worm gear boxes consisting of worm

shaft and worm gear are very solid and

self-locking, for controlled lowering

of loads

rated line pull kN (kgs) 
Ramsey H  35 - 134 3600 - 13600 


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