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How to select your own winch

Which is the right winch for me? Newcomers will have to ask for the adequate line pull first.



brochures to print out


planetary gear 





electric S+H winches with planetary gear


electric Ramsey winches with planetary gear


hydraulic Ramsey winches with planetary gear






worm gear 






electric Ramsey winches with worm gear


hydraulic Ramsey winches with worm gear




Which line pull do I need?

The power needed to move a rolling vehicle on a hard and even surface is in a man's hands. And what about moving a vehicle that got stuck? Of course, that depends on the kind of soil and of the inclination. I know the weight of my vehicle, but how can I know where I will get stuck? When buying a winch, it must be fit for all possible situations.

Knowing that the line pull means the vertical lifting capacity of the winch with the steel cable in single line (not double), I can imagine that in most pulling cases, you won't need more power than you would need for lifting the weight of the vehicle.


The general advice is that the rated single line pull should at least be the same as the vehicle gross weight. In very difficult situations, like a floor panel pasted with mud, I can use the snatch block for double line pull and, as a consequence, double pull rate.

Electric or hydraulic winch?

An electric winch can be installed on each vehicle that has a solid frame construction. The winch is powered by the automotive battery, with the motor running.


The lucky owner of a vehicle with a hydraulic circuit will choose a hydraulic winch. Then, he can adjust the line speed of the winch by the vehicle's motor.


You can retrofit a hydraulic circuit on a 4x4 truck. For a winch with a line pull of 2700 kgs, for example, you need an operating pressure of 120 bar and a minimum flow rate of 20 l/minute for a satisfactory result. The standard pump for vehicle steering or brake is not sufficient for a strong hydraulic winch.

Worm gears or planetary gears?

In short terms: The worm gears are very strong. The planetary gears are very fast. The drawings show both design types.


Both kinds of gears provide their own advantages. Again, the problem of the right selection? The wide choice makes it possible to meet the requirements of your vehicle and of the intended purpose of the winch.


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